Tuesday, June 10, 2008

FiRSt Timers!

Yah right! It’s also my first time to blog just like my friend Tin-Tin (who just registered an hour ago)… actually, I’m quite nervous of doing it so…Y?, because I’m a certified “NINGAS KUGON”, a Filipino term to describe people who likes to start new things but accomplish nothing! Hehehe… aside from being a non-sense writer ….it’s actually my guts and my desire that keeps me rolling!…

My nook will focus to my little girl, our relationship, me as a parent and she as a daughter, our family basically the things that surround us…an online diary for my precious gem….

Inspired by my friend bhang, my blog guru…I am happy to finally write my first ever blog! I welcome myself to the wonderful world of blogging! And hopefully, ink will continuously flow to my pen… (as if I’m not using my computer…lol!)

To all bloggers, feel free to add comments… tnx!

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Wena said...

it's my first time here. welcome to the blogosphere!